Does Testosterone Increase Attractiveness? – New Ways to Get Back Your Ex

testosterone and attractiveness

Do higher testosterone levels increase your attractiveness to women? I remember in grad school hearing about a study that found that men found women’s voices more attractive when they were on their menstrual cycle. I was thinking about this study recently when the topic of this article came to mind. Does testosterone play a role in attractiveness to women? I mean it would make sense from an evolutionary perspective, so what does the research say? Also, if research supports higher testosterone levels being correlated with more attractiveness then does that mean that men with lower testosterone levels should take a testosterone booster supplement? (Read this Pro Testosterone review for an idea of what these supplements are all about) All of this is something I delve into below…

Previous research on attractiveness

What does previous research say about what makes us biologically attractive to the opposite sex? A  particular type of psychologist study this topic. Evolutionary psychologists have studied male facial features and have had women judge their attractiveness. In one study, women found the faces of men who had higher levels of testosterone more attractive than men who did not. In another, they found the opposite- women judged men’s faces to be more appealing when they had lower testosterone levels. How did they explain the difference? They guessed that it was due to the stage of ovulation these women were in.

More recent testosterone research

However, these studies have not accounted for all the differences between masculine and feminine faces. A study by Swaddle and Reierson published in 2002 studied these differences in greater detail. These researchers digitally altered men’s faces, which  produced a wide range of faces that varied from those faces with low levels of testosterone to very high levels of this hormone. What did they find? They found that faces with high testosterone were preferred for dominance rather than attractiveness itself. They were unable to conclude much if anything about attractiveness.


In fact, women may prefer men with a certain scent. More specifically, women seem to find the scent of men with high testosterone levels more attractive than men with lower levels. In a recent study, men were required to wear a t-shirt for two nights straight in order to really rub in their natural scent. They then had female volunteers sniff the scent and rate the sexiness levels. They also had women provide information as to what stage of ovulation they were in.

Overall, these evolutionary psychologists have an exciting job. There appears to be some link between testosterone and attractiveness, but they are still ironing out the specifics. It would make sense if higher testosterone levels were associated with greater attractiveness. We want a mate that can provide for us and that  is very fertile. Also, men would want a woman who is fertile too, so it makes sense that men find women more attractive on their menstrual cycles. Interesting indeed! In other words, run into your ex when you’re on your period and make them jealous! Ha! Just kidding, but it’s tempting isn’t it?

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